Beth is a studio jeweler working and living in Baltimore, Maryland. All of her work is handmade in her home studio.


I am most powerfully a jeweler when my craft allows me to connect to artisans who created centuries ago. Through the ancient technique of fine silver granulation I feel myself as a link in a great chain of traditions stretching throughout history. My work is inspired by the ancients, yet executed through my contemporary vision. To me, the precise nature of granulation is a meditation. Each granule is first made by hand and carefully placed with tweezers. The entire work is then slowly heated, fusing the granules to the surface without melting the surface itself. Through a process that has remained unchanged for thousands of years, I make modern treasure.



I will accept returns up to 2 weeks after the item ships. You MUST send me an email informing me that you are intending to ship something back. Items returned must be in the same condition that they were when I sent them. Don't alter something, decide you don't like it and ship it back. That's just not cool.

Any questions about my work, shipping information, or shows? Email me at!